Seeker is a prominent 3D laser product of RoboSense achieved through independent research and development.

Seeker rapidly collects data points of objects through ultra-fast laser scanning, and generates rich 3D point clouds for a diversity of demanding environments anytime anywhere with eye safety guaranteed.

To fulfill diverse industrial requirements, Seeker continuously updates software to guarantee more pleasurable product experience.

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Gergraphic Mapping

Reception/Surveying and Design/Construction Acceptance/Aftersales Advertising

Large Buildings/Bridges/Tunnels


Cultural Relics & Archaeology
Historic Buildings/Tombs/Large Scale Cultural Relics

Large Environment Modeling
Geological Disaster/Cadastral Surveying/Topographical Detecting

Hydropower Engineeering/Digital Factory
Electric Power, Hydropower Engineering/Refinery, Manufacturing Plant

Law Enforcement and Forensics
Accident Site/Crime Scene

Human Body Modeling
Human Body Modeling

  • Power supply: DC 24.9 V (built-in power supply)
  • Power consumption: 10W
  • Continuous operation time: 3 hours
  • Wave length: 660 nm
  • Laser class: class 1
  • Measurement range: 0.2m -15m (90% wb)/0.2m - 4m (10% bw)0.2m - 50m (reflector)
  • Ambient light limit: >80,000 Lux
  • Resolution: 1mm
  • Accuracy: ±2mm
  • Field of view(vertical): -150°~150°
  • Field of view(horizontal): 360°
  • Data per picture: 30,000,000 points
  • Scan rate: 250,000 points/second
  • Camera resolution: 8 megapixel
  • Operation environment -10℃ to 50℃,Humidity < 85%
  • Storage environment: -20℃ to 70℃
  • Noise level: < 25 dB
  • Sensor protection: 64
  • Weight: ~3kg
  • Dimension: 215 mm *130 mm*286 mm
  • Scanner control: software and USB cable
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