Seeker is a prominent 3D laser product of RoboSense achieved through independent research and development.

Seeker rapidly collects data points of objects through ultra-fast laser scanning, and generates rich 3D point clouds for a diversity of demanding environments anytime anywhere with eye safety guaranteed.

To fulfill diverse industrial requirements, Seeker continuously updates software to guarantee more pleasurable product experience.

Learn Parameters
  • Unimaginable Great Details

    Impressive angular resolution with super high data rate at 250,000 points per second.

    Seeker is an outstanding product with remarkable data rate and super high angular resolution capable of capturing 3D point data with extremely high accuracy.

  • Capture The Real World

    32 megapixel HD camera brings true color and texture to data points.

    The HD camera captures true colors and textures of the target, which through advanced post-processing algorithms can be adapted with point clouds to produce amazing 3D images.

  • Automatic Image Splicing

    Automatic image splicing function available.

    Seeker is an ideal LiDAR product for medium-short ange measurement. Seeker’s automatic image splicing function delivers seamlessly spliced images of multiple scenes.

  • Three Options For Your Desired Effect

    More Options to fulfill a diversity of needs.

    Designed with different needs in mind, Seeker offers three effect options(swift, refined, and exquisite) easily attainable by setting the angular resolution (0.014° to 0.071°) and scan time (36 seconds to 15 minutes).

  • Millimeter Accuracy

    High precision millimeter accuracy

    Optimal measurement range ensures stable measurement accuracy at ±2mm. Small details are reveiled with higher precision.

Sample Images

  • Gergraphic Mapping

    Reception/Surveying and Design/Construction Acceptance/Aftersales Advertising

    Large Buildings/Bridges/Tunnels


  • Cultural Relics & Archaeology
    Historic Buildings/Tombs/Large Scale Cultural Relics

  • Large Environment Modeling
    Geological Disaster/Cadastral Surveying/Topographical Detecting

  • Hydropower Engineeering/Digital Factory
    Electric Power, Hydropower Engineering/Refinery, Manufacturing Plant

  • Law Enforcement and Forensics
    Accident Site/Crime Scene

  • Human Body Modeling
    Human Body Modeling

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