360°×90° Super Wide FOV, Short-range Blind Spot LiDAR


RS-Bpearl is a new type of short-range LiDAR designed specifically for the detection of blind spots. Loaded with RoboSense's innovative signal processing technology, RS-Bpearl is able to detect objects within a few centimeters, plus a 360°x 90° super wide field of view, RS-Bpearl can effectively detect the blind spots around the vehicle.

RS-Bpearl's disruptive modular design dramatically reduces costs while making the product more flexible, compact and customizable.

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「Unique FOV Designed for Near-Field Blind-Spots Detection」


Autonomous Driving

RoboTaxi, unmanned small vehicles, unmanned shuttles, unmanned trucks, etc.


Securityrobots, inspectionrobots, restaurantrobot, etc.


Roboticforklifts, AGV, etc.

  • Wavelength: 905nm
  • Laser class: class1
  • Accuracy: ±3cm (typical)
  • Measurement Range: 30m (10% object reflectivity)
  • Blind spot: <0.1m
  • Vertical FOV: 90º
  • Horizontal FOV: 360º
  • Data rate: 576,000pts/s (single return)
  • Data rate: 1,152,000pts/s (dual return)
  • Frame rate: 600/1200rpm(10/20Hz)
  • Interface: 100Mbps Ethernet
  • Protection level: IP67
  • Working temperature: -40℃ to 60°C
  • Storage temperature: -40℃ to 85°C
  • Working voltage: 9V-32V