Flexible Combination Offers Diverse Deam Density Choice.

Multi-LiDAR coupling platform combines multiple hybrid solid-state LiDAR, which through sophisticated layout design, joint LiDAR calibration,and simultaneous data processing to achieve varied point-cloud density results. RoboSense provides customized LiDAR coupling solutions to partners according to specific project demands.The standard coupling solution comprises 4 RS-LiDAR-16s.

Disruptive Point Cloud Solution

Compared with individual 64-beam LiDAR, the standard coupling solution (comprises four 16-beam LiDARs), delivers the same point cloud density required by high-speed autonomous driving but at only a quarter of the cost of a 64-beam LiDAR. Meanwhile, individual LiDAR of a coupling solution can be dismantled or re-combined according to diverse needs under different circumstance. More excitingly, testing and maintenance becomes an easier job and the most complicated driving scenarios become easier to handle with. Safer autonomous driving is more likely to be realized.

Scanning effects

RoboSense multi-LiDAR coupling solutions put emphasis on point cloud density in front of and behind vehicles.

Beam density layout

Beam density layout according to LiDAR configuration of the coupling solution.

Speed up your autonomous driving

With our LiDAR coupling solutions, costly high beam density LiDAR is now not the only choice, beside, the hassle of torturous long lead time is averted. As your partner, we will provide supports in standardized module (internal specs and external specs), data collection module and data fusion module, we are dedicated to work with you and speed up your autonomous driving projects.

*The above video demonstrates the scanning effect of RL-16 coupling solution.