RS-LiDAR-32 is a series of mass producible 32 beam solid-state hybrid LiDAR products recently rolled out by RoboSense.

This series comprises 2 products: RS-LiDAR-32A and RS-LiDAR-32B, both of which are developed according to OEM requirements, which ask for stronger performance in high-speed driving environment and smaller footprint. The laser heads are symmetrically lined up with smaller interspace in the middle part and larger interspace on both ends. Such layout guarantees more focused driving area data collection. The minimum vertical angular resolution of RS-LiDAR-32 series is 0.33°, which records the smallest vertical angular resolution among similar LiDAR products in the whole world.

RS-LiDAR-32 detects with maximum 200 meter measurement range, which allows generous 7 seconds response time for vehicles with 100km/h speed on the road, and ensures safe drive in high-speed autonomous driving conditions.

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  • Range 200m

    The 200 meter measurement range of RS-LiDAR-32 gives more response time for autonomous vehicles in high-speed autonomous driving conditions.

  • 32Laser Beams

    The 32 beam RS-LiDAR-32A and RS-LiDAR-32B are customized to fulfill OEM requirements on higher speed autonomous driving.

  • 0.33°Vertical Angular Resolution

    The laser heads of RS-LiDAR-32 with a minimum angular resolution of 0.33° are symmetrically lined up with smaller interspace in the middle part and larger interspace on both ends. The rich precision point cloud data of which makes human shape within 100 meters distinguishable.

RS-LiDAR-32 Point Cloud

Road Test Data
3D Map

Robot Environment Perception

Autonomous Driving Environment Perception

HD Maps

  • Laser beam: 32 beams
  • Wavelength: 905nm
  • Laser class: class1
  • Accuracy: ±2cm
  • Range: 0.2m to 200m
  • Data rate: 640,000pts/s
  • FOV (vertical): RS-LiDAR-32A:30ºRS-LiDAR-32B:40º
  • Angular resolution(vertical): minimum 0.33º
  • FOV(horizontal): 360º
  • Angular resolution(horizonta): 0.09º to 0.36º (5-20Hz)
  • Input voltage: 9-32VDC
  • Power consumption: 13.5w
  • Sensor protection: IP67
  • Operation temperature: -10~60°C
  • Dimension: RS-LiDAR-32A:φ115mm*95.7mm
  • RS-LiDAR-32B:φ115mm*110.5mm
  • Weight: RS-LiDAR-32A:0.92kgRS-LiDAR-32B:1.0kg
  • Data type: spatial coordinates/intensity
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